Company Profile
Group Established
listed on the Main Board of HKEX
Acquired Builders Company Limited
Acquired Chun Yang International (HK) Company Limited
Group's name changed to "Envison Greenwise Holdings Limited"
Envision Greenwise Holdings Limited (the "Group") (1783.HK) was founded in 1985 and listed on HKEX's Main Board in August 2018. In recent years, the Group upgrades its products and services with innovative green technologies and is committed to providing one-stop green energy infrastructure solutions to the global customers. In addition to the provision of superstructure building and repair, maintenance, alteration and addition ("RMAA") works service as a main contractor in Hong Kong, it also applies a wide range of green and smart solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of a building

The Group's upgraded green infrastructure businesses include: integrated energy efficiency retrofit services for buildings, infrastructure and installation of EV-charging services, development and application of new energy storage systems etc. Meanwhile, it keeps enhancing its core businesses and improving its services with sustainable green solutions including the development of EV batteries sustainable solutions. After nearly 40-year's professional development and resource integration, the Group is now supported by superior management and technical teams, and also possesses a wide range of licenses in construction, electricity, EV batteries disposal, as well as ISO licenses in environmental protection, quality management and safety
Smart Energy & Green Future