Green Transportation
We actively cooperate with the Hong Kong Government in promoting the "Hong Kong Roadmap for the Popularisation of Electric Vehicles", and provide one-stop solutions for EV-charging infrastructure installation, including the installation of and providing energy storage systems for EV-chargers, so as to accelerate the progress of the local electric transportation
Infrastructure and Installation of EV-charging Services
We provide professional one-stop solution of EV-charging infrastructure installation for public facilities and in car parks of existing real estates. Now we are actively participating in Hong Kong government’s “EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme” (“EHSS”) to facilitate EV owners to install up-to-standard EV chargers at car parks of their residences according to their own needs in a simple and easy manner

Our professional teams with extensive engineering and technical experience can provide the best solar and EV-charging solutions for large-scaled projects in Hong Kong, especially in system efficiency enhancement, engineering acceptance test, system operation and maintenance
We provide one-stop solutions from scratch to finish including the followings:

Customized Design
Tailor-made design for residential, commercial or public sectors

Site Assessment and Planning
Assessment to the site for optimal workflow and productivity, and if electrical upgrade or modification is required

Equipment and Materials Selection
Select the most suitable equipment and materials for the projects

Permits and Approvals
Qualified by the Government Authorities to submit documents such as WR1, WR2 and BA14 forms to the related Parties

Electrical Works and Installation
Skilled technicians to perform the installation works, such as electrical connections or any electrical upgrades

After Sales Services and Maintenance
Ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure optimal functioning of EV-charging infrastructure and BIPV
Charging Station with Energy Storage System
We provide integrated energy storage solutions for public fast charging EV stations, which is able effectively reduce the charging costs by price difference at off-peak hours, while at the same time to increase the charging station's power load to ensure continually stable operation and grid security

Infrastructure and Installation of EV-charging Services
Charging Station with Energy Storage System
Smart Energy & Green Future