Smart Building
We have built up a solid network of resources and expertise in the local building industry, applying diversified smart energy solutions to the energy-saving construction and management of buildings, including focusing on the development of new battery energy storage systems for the commercial and industrial sectors, providing comprehensive building intelligent control services, etc. By utilizing safe, efficient and energy-saving smart energy systems and digital platforms, we are actively contributing to the green transformation of the building industry
Energy-saving Construction of Smart Buildings
New Battery Energy Storage System
In the construction process, we develop and apply new battery energy storage systems, as well as provide integrated construction and comprehensive technical support from solution design, system integration to operation and maintenance services

The new battery energy storage system is an ideal alternative to traditional diesel generators; it utilizes the advantages of off-grid independent power storage operation and can provide long-lasting, stable, cost-effective and energy-saving power solutions for construction sites in various types of weather and environments. Including industrial, commercial, and residential energy storage products, as well as microgrids and other system solutions and equipment
Green Building Materials
A green building is an smart and adjustable system that actively interacts with the environment. We meet the demand for energy conservation in construction by adopting green building design, adopting energy-saving building materials rationally, and utilizing renewable energy solutions such as solar energy

We apply BITV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) systems to multiple scenes such as façades, glass fences, skylights, canopies and doors, etc. According to the needs of different scenes, we select PV glass with suitable light transmittance, which can be flexibly applied to various architectural designs
Comprehensive Building Intelligence Services
We build up a comprehensive business system from top-level planning, engineering design to intelligent management in the energy efficiency control of buildings. Through digital platforms, we provide customers with full-stack integrated service capabilities from HVAC equipment, elevators, building automation, edge computing, cloud services, and SaaS applications to vertical industry solutions

We establish the Zero Boundary System, including the Energy efficiency control system, Building Management System and Energy Management System, realizing monitorable, measurable and optimizable zero carbon management and control mode in an intelligent manner
Smart Energy Auditing
We provide Smart Energy Auditing through the entire life cycle of buildings, applying automatic ESG KPI reporting and digitized data for ESG assets to analyze sustainability investment potential and profits, and help our clients discover green investment potential in a more intuitive manner

Meanwhile, Through digitization, we support various stakeholders to
• Individual companies: data-driven recommendations
• Industry: data-driven assessment of green project options
• Financing: data-driven greenwashing avoidance to optimize green investment
• Government: data-driven benchmarking and policy-making towards carbon neutrality
In the entire life cycle of a building, in addition to the "operational carbon" emitted during the operation phase, it also includes the "embodied carbon" generated during the remaining life cycle

Embodied carbon is often overlooked. It accounts for about 11% of global energy-related carbon emissions and 28% of emissions in the construction industry. Assessing and reducing "embodied carbon" can achieve the maximum benefits of building carbon reduction

It is particularly important to identify high-carbon stages through "building life cycle assessment" and then formulate response strategies
Energy-saving Construction of Smart Buildings
New Battery Energy Storage System
Green Design and Energy Efficient Materials
Smart Building Energy Management
Comprehensive Building Intelligence Services
Smart Energy Auditing
Smart Energy & Green Future