Recycling of EV Battery
Our aim is to build a global EV battery-recycling ecosystem to power a sustainable future. Starting from Hong Kong and expanding to Europe, the US and Southeast Asia, we have built up service network and processing facilities globally.
Global Service Network and Processing Plants
Global battery demand is expected to grow by 25% annually to reach 2,600 GWh in 2030
Lithium-ion battery value chain provides revenue opportunities of $300 billion by 2030
Our technology enables up to a 95% recovery rate to return critical materials back to the supply chain
Source: World Economic Forum, Global Battery Alliance; McKinsey analysis
Global Strategy for EV Battery Recycling and Processing
Our Global Strategy
Professional & Cooperation
Core Technologies Upgrade
Global Business Expansion
Obtain Core Technologies and Professional Certifications
Explore Global Cooperation Channels
Build EV Battery Processing
Benchmark in HK
Expand Global Service Network and Processing Plants
Acquired Chun Yang International (HK) Company Ltd., the professional of EV Battery processing
Cooperate with Gotion High-tech Co. Ltd., in global EV battery recycling markets
Obtained Hong Kong’s First EV Battery Processing Plant (under construction) in EcoPark covering nearly 100,000 sq.ft
Accelerate global expansion with our industrial chain partners in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US
We Are Creating a Battery-Electricity-Transportation Circular Value Chain.
Developing cost-effective and sustainable battery solutions will play a crucial role in supporting the charging infrastructure network and the renewable energy power ecosystem driven by batteries, which is essential for achieving decarbonization in the transportation and power sectors
We Provide EV Battery Sustainable Solutions
We possess safety protection and key disposal technology for retired EV batteries with international certifications as well as professional licenses. We also have Hong Kong’s First EV Battery Processing Plant (under construction) in EcoPark covering nearly 100,000 sq.ft with an annual processing capacity of approximately 10,000 tons and a Battery Recycling & Processing Center of 150,000 sq.ft. in Yuen Long. Through our advanced processing techniques, retired EV batteries can be reused in a comprehensive way.
Building a leading EV Battery Processing Plant in the GBA and Hong Kong
Achieving intelligent management and automated production
Enhancing technological innovation and iteration
Gathering top global talents in the battery industry
Providing sustainable solutions for the full lifecycle of EV batteries
Achieving a collaborative mechanism integrating industry, academia and research
Adopting green building and green energy operations
EV Battery Processing Plant in EcoPark, Hong Kong(Under Construction)
The architectural images are conceptual and for illustrative purposes only.
We recover critical materials from all types of lithium-ion batteries (LIB)
with safe, scalable, innovative and sustainable technology.
Recycling of EV Battery
Recycling of EV Battery
Recycling of EV Battery
Potential Application Scenarios
Commercial and Industrial Back-up power
Renewable Energy Storage Systems
Energy Management System
Global Service Network and Processing Plants
Hong Kong EV Battery Processing Plant
Recycling of EV Battery
Power Battery Application Areas
Smart Energy & Green Future