Circular Economy
We are actively engaged in the system of disposal, and recycling of power batteries domestically and overseas. By extending the service life of resources, we enhance their usable value and facilitate the development of a circular supply chain. We promote the sustainable development of our core business from the source and contribute to the global circular economy at the same time
Power Battery Disposal and Recycling System
We are planning for the disposal and recycling of power batteries overseas, and continue to empower our core products and services through green technology innovation, to provide customers with sustainable smart energy solutions
We provide sustainable solutions for power batteries, including:
Handling of Retired EV Batteries
• Retired EV Batteries Collection and Dismantling
• Transport and Export to Qualified Destination Facilities
Cascade Utilization
• Repurpose Retired EV Batteries
• Extend Life Cycle of EV Batteries
• Reduce the Impact on the Environment
Power Battery Disposal and Recycling System
Smart Energy & Green Future